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    Employee wages
    We are a small animal hospital using Peachtree accounting software. The employees are paid semi-monthly. Peachtree says this equates to 88 hrs per period. When the pay period falls in the middle of the week; then the employees get no overtime that week but then in the next week they record overtime. Is this the correct way this should happen? Are we in Mo required to pay overtime? thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by elidbugg View Post
    The laws that were designed to protect hardworking Americans are being ignored by an increasing number of employers as a cost cutting measure during today’s tough economy. From unpaid overtime to employee misclassification, employment violations are committed every day across the nation.

    In fact, wage and hour lawsuits have increased dramatically in the last decade. Workplace violations aren't limited to minority populations, low-paid workers or the uneducated. Everyone, regardless of income level or background, is potentially at risk.
    They are not withholding their overtime. It's just the accounting software that doesn't allow paying overtime in a week there the payout happens, no?
    I don't think this is a problem but I would advise to get information of a certified accountant. Wages aren't something you want to gamble on.

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    My boyfriend works at scotsburn, overnight, 12 hour shifts. He works 5 shifts in that week and then 3 the next week. Where he gets so much overtime in the first week, they move it to the second weeks pay cheque. It's kind of weird, but obviously there are many ways to go about paying. They shift the hours around to prevent paying so much overtime, and also for the benefit of the workers. You should ask a certified accountant, but if they are getting it at some point it's more then likely okay!

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