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10-15-2004, 02:52 PM
South Witham Broadband are based in South Witham, South Lincolnshire. We operate a community wireless broadband service based on innovative Mesh network technology to five surrounding villages which are not ADSL enabled, we are focused on delivering not only high speed broadband access to the Internet, but also, and just as importantly, a local high speed (11/54Mb/s) loop connecting users in rural and semi rural communities. This is in stark contrast to delivery mechanisms such as ADSL where end users are isolated and restricted to ADSL speeds when sharing information and working cooperatively.

As an example 64% of all requests for Web pages are served from the local community Mesh at 11Mb/s and donít need to be downloaded from the internet, local mail servers are deployed which again vastly increases the speed of email for the local community.

The current service is suitable for home/residential and small to medium size businesses. Internet Bandwidth delivered is currently 512kbps upload 1Mbps download using a single satellite system, however our Mesh network provides us with the ability to aggregate many types of backhaul such as multiple satellite systems or a combination of satellite, ADSL, DSL, cable etc by using multiple gateways to the internet. This effectively provides us a with a backhaul neutral network, allowing us to take advantage of new technologies and suppliers such as BT, NTL etc as the market evolves.

VOIP is the next killer application and we are proud to say not only are we utilizing the SIP protocol but also the Inter-Asterisk Exchange (IAX) protocol, this service allows users to telephone other VOIP users anywhere in the world free of any call charges and to make low cost calls to normal PSTN telephones worldwide.

We are a member of the East Midlands Rural Charter committed to making a positive impact on the region's rural areas and a recognised WiFi Zone Provider (part of the Wi-Fi Alliance's WiFi Zone Program).

Further details are available on our website www.wireless.southwitham.net