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10-21-2004, 06:57 AM
Hello, My Name is Scott Mackinnon. I live in Denton and for my sins I am also a web designer. I found that the web design industry is proliferated by many people who will do a site "for a few quid". Because of this mentality I decided to step back and think. My wife is an entertainer on the club circuit and we found it tiresome having to audition up and down the country to get work. So I thought up the concept of Showcardz in 2003. A Showcard is a rectangular credit card sized CD which contains a wealth of multimedia information. Each showcardz for artistes contains their biography, audio tracks, photographs and even 2 videos, which show off the artiste to the best of their ability. Having worked with a company who basically is trying to screw me, I have decided to search for premises for myself. The promo spiel for artistes reads like this....

I would think I am right in saying that we all want a good standard of work in the industry, whether it is a pub, club, cruise ship, basically any venue we are sent to.

If you want to make your act shine and get noticed, think about Showcardz. Showcardz is a new concept in self promotion, enabling you to get seen for the star you really are.

A Showcard is a credit-card sized CDROM packed with information about yourself or your band. No more having to send half a dozen A4 sheets, A CD and a portfolio. With Showcardz, any agent has your biography, photographic portfolio, show footage and contact details at their fingertips.

Showcardz have recently interested agents themselves for showcasing their managed acts to other agents.

Showcardz have been done recently for:

Hamilton Browne - Top LIonel Richie Tribute
Tamzin Leigh - Female Vocalist
Alix Drennan - Young Female Vocalist
Jennie Bonita - The Top Gloria Estefan Tribute in Europe
Pete Tudor - Bringing in the Swing
Chris Perry - The West End Experience
- Swing n Things
70s Boogie Nights - A mix of DJ/Guitars/Vocals and Dancers

Showcardz are better for you for getting work yourself. For example, as this ever happened to you. After a gig, someone comes up to you and says for example "You were fantastic, you'd be ideal for my daughters wedding. Do you have a card?" You give them a card and you never hear again and chalk it up as experience. With Showcardz, they will be able to show their friends, neighbours, potential bookers, everyone with a home PC running Windows, 2 excerpts from your show, 3 audio tracks photos and contact details.

There is also an option for a website which is similar in concept to showcardz but you can have a gig guide, guestbook, more photos, more audio, different video online.


All prices covered include 25 Showcardz. Duplicate cards cost 1 each. And also, the beauty of Showcardz is that can be as current as your CV. There would be a 10 charge for small changes, 20 for total page changes. The prices for Showcardz are as follows:

Showcardz Package One


* Biography (submitted)
* Photographs (submitted) Max 10 Photos
* Audio (submitted) Max 4 Audio Tracks
* Video (submitted) 2 videos on either Mini DV or Video 8
of a maximum time of 1:30 each video.

200.00 inclusive

Showcardz Package Two

All the Above with website (www.artistename.co.uk) and 12 month hosting.


If you do not have any publicity photos or video, we have access to a soundstage in Manchester where photos and video can be taken with full club lighting to give that "in concert" effect. Three extra audio tracks would also be recorded for the card.


Any artiste knows that they are only as good as the promotional material that is given to an Agent, to make them stop and go "Woah, this looks different, lets have a look at that!" Prices are competitive as I know of several artistes who have had cards done have gained thousands of pounds worth of work.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me. Currently this is by Email only as I am in the process of getting a 2nd line installed.

My Email address is: info@showcardz.com

Current work

www.jenniebonita.co.uk Gloria Estefan Tribute
www.petetudor.co.uk Swing Maestro
www.tamzinleigh.co.uk Top Female Vocalist
www.chrisperry.biz The West End Experience
www.alixdrennan.co.uk Young Female Vocalist

I am now looking at small business who want to promote their products in this new and exciting way. If anyone is interestedin this service, please do not hesitate in PM'ing myself

Thank you for Your time