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01-20-2014, 09:39 PM
WCM777, perhaps one of the LARGEST MLM/HYIP opportunities In The History of the WORLD, has suddenly changed their name to Kingdom777. This surprise change went into effect on January 1, 2014. The Name change was only the first of many changes to the program structure, including payout changes that have yet to be announced, leaving the millions of members feeling nervous about the future of this company and their invested money. The Ownership has changed as well, as part of a "Restructuring" designed to make the program more Globally accepted and legal.

Kingdom777 has not formally announced the changes to the payout structure, which, under WCM777, were producing returns of up to 800% APR on any money invested.

Many of my friends are/were making HUGE money with this....and they have tried to get me involved..even going as far as to Guarantee my initial investment...but I was apprehensive about joining...now they are acting nervous and anxious about the money that is floating in limbo during this transition period. If this all turns out ok, I am seriously considering joining.

Does anyone have any experience with this company, or know what is going on with this re-structuring/change to the payout structure? Could this be the end, or a new beginning that will propel this company farther into the history books?

01-21-2014, 03:21 AM
When you are talking about online opportunities that claim to generate 800% APR, well, you need to step back and think very hard about investing into it. Moreover, when such opportunities go through a re-branding process (that is, changing its name), restructure its operations, offer some kind of incentive to invest in a new plan, or blame their off-line woes on DDos attacks, that just spells trouble. Bottom line, that particular online opportunity is in trouble and probably short on cash. My recommendation? Don't get involved!

01-21-2014, 07:27 AM
Yeah, I agree with what gHiros said. It seems to me that they are just trying to change their name because, maybe, the WCM777 name was now regarded as a potential scam. By changing their name, newcomers won't know about their background and get sucked in a lot faster. This has happened with other companies that were into some sort of trouble. Maybe they have some legal problems in some countries and by changing their name they will avoid lawsuits.

Something big has happened since they did this without prior announcement to it's investors. I think you should ask yourself how they are ever going to give you an 800% APR and for that matter how is every member going to get that much? Is that even possible? You know the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is!". Now I'm not saying you shouldn't go on with this and give it a shot it's just that if you do want to try it out, just make sure you can afford to lose the invested money. If you can then you can join and maybe you will even make some money and return here and tell us all about it.

I think that whenever you can accept a potential loss form such a HYIP you can try it. If you lose the money then you know it wasn't good for you or it was a scam. If you make money then you can get others to join by showing them proof of your earnings.

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"WCM777" is the umbrella name that Defendants use for their multi-. 4. also, Kingdom Capital Market LLC, which are associated with Defendant Xu. The Investors can make the money and "focuses" by alluding new individuals,