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04-09-2016, 04:16 PM

I am working on a new business concept and looking for insight from passionate entrepreneurs and business owners like you! If you have a moment, please share your insight by answering the questions below.

I would love to hear from you and so appreciate your time and help!

- Jocelyn

1. When you started your business, did you use a marketing consultant? Would you use a marketing consultant in the future?

2. If you hired a marketing consultant, what would you have them help you with? Would they create a logo for you? A website? Help with emails, print materials, or events? What would your "dream" marketing consultant or agency help you do?

3. Are there any services that you would opt to not pay a consultant to do (i.e. email, social media, logo design, etc.) because you could do them on your own?

4. What would be the most important factor for you in choosing a marketing consultant? Would it be their cost? Where they are located? How much experience they have? Something else?

07-19-2016, 08:31 PM
Hello, I just readed your post and even knowing I'm not a business owner I've been in the Marketing industry for a while and I think I can give you the answer you're looking for.

1)I have worked with startup businesses before and they have hired me because they don't have technical knowledge of marketing and they want to succeed when promoting their businesses and gaining clients that generate revenues. Most business owner's outsource the marketing taks to individuals out of their companies and ask for their services when is necessary, as the marketing is an industry that is continuosly growing the have the need of calling the marketing experts again to keep them updated with the strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

2) There are different types of marketing experts, in general they take care of the social media campaigns(posting content in social media to keep consumers coming back -Facebbok,twitter,instagram,pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn mostly, do Email Marketing (send through email latest news about the business to the consumers), set the different advertisements campaigns-Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads mostly), Give instructions to the web designers for the landing pages developments and do keywords research. Some of the marketing experts can also find deals to get discounts in advertisements networks and domains registrations.
The marketing experts are not necessarily designers, the majority has experience with design but are not experts in design.

3. Despite the fact several business owners have experience and knowledge in marketing don't have the time to dedicate it to it. Generally when the business owners has expertise in marketing it gives the instructions and set the path to follow with marketing, just a minimum number of business owners take care of the marketing taks by themselves.

4. The most important things when choosing a marketing consultant is the experience it has, however when the budget is not that big they opt for hiring a rising talent in marketing.

I hope this information could help you the way you need it. Currently I'm working for a Marketing and Design agency is you need any other help let me know,

08-03-2016, 06:33 AM
Hello JSchlenker,

1. Do you need a marketing consultant or not, that depends on your intended business scale and level of competition in your targeting market. If your business and service area is very local and/or related to day-to-day life products or services then you don't need a marketing consultant. Yes, as an entrepreneur and owner of a digital marketing company I can say that without any doubt. Especially if you are on a tight budget. A good quality website and local SEO will be enough. If your intended business scale is medium to large and a whole city-state-nation is your targeting field then you need to get help from a marketing company. Especially if you want to build a brand.

2. The main responsibility of a marketing company is to understand your business model & your ambition, identify your target audience and level of competition. Depending on these factors they will create your online presence (website,portfolio), strategic SEO campaign, and other promotional marketing campaigns if required. And importantly they will track your growth.

3. 4. The most important factors about choosing a marketing company are how well they are trying to understand your specific requirements and discussing different aspects of the project. A marketing campaign that doesn't reflect your vision may go to shadow because they know marketing but not your business. Your requirements should be their most important priority. Obviously, they may discuss what is good and what is bad but at the end, you should be the decision maker.

Hope I helped you a bit

09-15-2016, 02:47 AM
Hello, I just came up this thread and I thought i must provide you some insight here :)

Basically if you need a marketing consultant or not its totally depends on your expertise and how much you know about marketing. If you think you are a PRO then you can simply hire a VA(virtual assistant) and provide him/her instructions on hoe you want to promote your business.

PROS: VA's are much more cost effective then hire a marketing consultant its like your own team of workers who works on your instructions.

CONS: VA's only do the work that you will instruct him/her they do not use their mind to work or do anything extra so you have to be a PRO in marketing.

Secondly, If you think you didn't know much about marketing then ofcourse i will suggest you to hire a marketing consultant who will help you and you can concentrate on your business rather then killing time promoting it. (trust me most business owners have this problem)

Here i will say every expert marketing consultant has it's own team or contacts who work together so you can get almost everything you need for your online marketing business. An expert marketing consultant have:

DESIGNERS: for logos,banners etc
DEVELOPERS: for website and app development
CONTENT WRITERS: for writing content,email newsletter etc

So, here your marketing consultant will provide you packages according to your need.

REMEMBER: A marketing consultant alone cannot able to do all stuff his/her job is to provide you proper consulting and promoting your business :)

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