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Martin F
04-16-2016, 07:04 AM
Hi all,

We are a small tech startup located in Denmark.
We are currently looking to find a supplier of custom printed boxes or polybags (e.g. a white/black box with our logo printed on the lid).
- Our batch sizes would ideally be in the area of 50-100
- Our product is small and ideally, we would be able to customize box sizes, but alternatively small boxes would do (ala W: 7 cm; H: 14 cm; D: 4 cm).

Do you have any suggestions for cheap, fair quality solutions that ship internationally?

Thank you,

10-11-2016, 12:55 PM
In the US and Canada, we have a trade catalog that lists ALL the manufacturers and businesses, call the Thomas Register. I'm not sure if Denmark has one but am sure there must be something similar, maybe for all of UK? check regional and national areas.

12-19-2018, 05:26 AM
The cost of the packaging as a percentage of total selling price varies significantly. Although this cost ranges from 1.4 per cent to 40 per cent, the average cost of packaging is $1 for every $11 spent. Nine per cent of the amount spent on any product is probably the cost of its packaging2.

01-15-2019, 06:54 AM
I think today is many company that giving shipping for the polybags at reasonable prices.

04-02-2019, 12:04 AM
We can afford product boxes wholesale (http://www.sandstoneinternational.in/)at low and affordable prices, Also we help our customers with different types of product packaging services that are tailored to their business.

11-11-2019, 12:49 AM
Our mission is to supply our customers with top quality custom boxes and bags while ... biodegradable option for our custom produced poly bags as well as reusable ... Looking for a way to promote your brand or simply secure your packages to ... Brown & Pratt has been a great partner, helping me launch a new product; ...

12-28-2020, 02:45 AM
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