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11-11-2004, 01:40 AM
A new industry will grow around a new low cost and powerful personal security invention.

Kidnappers, rapist, and attackers do not want to be DNA identified and punished. A new personal security device threatens them with DNA identification and proof-of-contact evidence of their guilt.

The Identifying Security Product (ISP) is a personal security invention which makes DNA evidence against attackers which the police can find using wirelessly search device.

It is this threat of DNA identication which will deter the attackers and give an ISP user more safety.

Billions of ISP units will be sold.


Imagine a passive RFID tag with an embedded antenna. RFID technology enables the wireless detection of objects. A RFID device (tag) can be the size of a grain of sand.

The RFID tag has miniature barbs which samples human skin at the slightest touch. Place a hundred of these RFID tags into a button sized breakable container. A potential victim wears this small container as a deterrent to attacks.

When violent criminal attacks the struggle ruptures the container or the victim could deliberately rupture it. The many RFID tags are scattered randomly. Some of them by chance will sample the attacker’s skin and fall to the ground.


Later the police search the crime scene with an RFID search device. The Police set their RFID search devices for the victim’s unique code. This unique code shared by all RFID tags the ISP.


When the police recover one of the ‘stuffed’ RFID tags it is taken to a DNA lab to determine the identity of the attacker. The police arrest the attacker and the DNA evidence convicts him.

ISP is low cost, no maintenance, zero service fee, child safe, small, and can be incorporated into just about anything including skin patches and jewelry. The markets range from small children, teenagers, women, the elderly, the disabled, and pacifist. There are even applications in controlling parolees.


ISP retail sales $1.24 billion/year.
Police Search Device $1 billion/year.
DNA Analysis Services $1 billion/year.


All of the ISP properties are for sale. This includes patent applications, copyrighted stories, and trademarks. The ISP website is