View Full Version : How would you get clients [for an outsourcing business]?

02-01-2014, 12:37 AM
If you look around the net you'll come across myriads of web-sites that connect people who need work with those who wish to outsource work [either because it's cheaper or they're too lazy to do it themselves]. The quality of service delivered may vary from provider to provider but most people would rather get freelancers who consistently deliver quality work.

I suppose that's why I want to get into that kind of business because I know a number of good writers who could team up with me. So, if any of you guys know something about outsourcing, how do I go about getting the first clients?

03-13-2014, 09:18 PM
Honestly, since I have a prior experience to this one, it is a bit hard to established your own authority online and get good clients who are willing to pay for a quality work, especially if you don't have a good website and a good reference that can back you up.

If you have the budget you can start on establishing your own website first and outline all the advantages of your services, then rank your keywords, so that clients who are interested to the services you offer may find you on the web. You can also advertise to forums and social media sites, or find clients on the web and contact them directly via email. The possibility are endless, as long as you don't give up, you will eventually find clients you can work with.

Good luck. :)

08-29-2014, 04:53 AM
You can get outsourcing jobs from some freelancer websites. Also you can use platforms like LinkedIn to create contact with professionals.

09-04-2014, 06:43 AM
After a well planned and conducted market research - when you have identified what will be your primary field to focus and you know exactly what your prospect who outsource want to get - build your well focused website, network your business and you can harvest.

12-24-2015, 04:37 AM
Yes linkedin is the great platform where you can get outsourcing jobs

11-16-2017, 07:05 AM
You can land outsourcing positions from some consultant sites. Likewise you can utilize stages like LinkedIn to make contact with experts.

12-30-2020, 01:46 AM
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