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07-27-2016, 02:16 PM

I'm into internet marketing, have been working with social networks, and I have come up with a way to earn money, but it requires a lot of manual work.

I'm looking for a programmer who would make a script or a bot which would automate the process, save me time and effort and make me earn some serious money.

I wouldn't mind having the programmer himself use his bot to earn money himself, but I'm worried not to get scammed since it's an area where there's still not much competition, I wouldn't want sharing the idea with someone, explaining what needs to be done, and that being told that "it can't be made" or something like that if the person realizes that he can just do it by himself and get rid of me.

I don't have a huge budget, and certainly not for the type of job I would hire him to do, so I would just share with him the idea and in return Ii would expect just that we share the tool he make...I wouldn't expect him to sell in on the market anyway because of the competition and because you would earn with it yourself more than you would earn by selling it.

So, how do I insure myself that I don't get played, could I hire a third party perhaps which would install some passwords or something? Any ideas please? :)

01-05-2017, 01:32 AM
I am a programmer, how do I know the marketing/sales/business guy won't steal my idea?

Haha, goes both ways. Two independent people form a formal or informal partnership, there is always risk of divorce. Evaluate the chance of breakup beforehand. Check compatibilities. Besides if this one fails, you learn and try again.

Except this time you have a treasure map idea to chests of gold, but no money for the boat and diver! I think you will find that most programmers just want a salary or a percentage of your work. Most just like the tech side, building and solving things, and won't have your grand business 'vision' or 'delusion' whichever it turns out to be.

If your plan is not so simple to have just one step, then you could hire one person to design one part, another to do the second part. Then up to you to join the pieces. You can also learn to do tech stuff yourself, because chests of gold out there, it will be worth it!

10-13-2019, 02:59 PM
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03-08-2020, 12:57 PM
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