View Full Version : Promote Your Business 24/7 by using Advertising Specialties

11-23-2004, 11:37 PM
Ever consider using caps, tee-shirts, magnets, key tags, pens, pads, coolies, wristbands ( big item at this time ), pocket knives, crystal award items, screwdrivers, leather items, tote bags...the list goes on up into the thousands of items that can be used to advertise your business 24/7. No one I know throws away items like pens, pencils, magnets or notepads. Items can range from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. This time of the year food/gift baskets are popular. If you're a small business then desk calendars and little stick on/magnet calendars are a good item to start with.
Interested? Please visit my website and view the Best Buys online catalog for more ideas. Don't see what you need? Contact me, I have hundreds of catalogs from suppliers and I'll be glad to help you find the item right for you. Promotional advertising stays with your customer unlike TV, Radio, and newspaper ads. Got a trade show coming up please contact me for your promotional items. I'm always gald to help.