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02-04-2014, 09:58 AM
Hey All,

I wanted to talk about Residual Income Affiliate Programs and how finding the right one can really set you up for a long time, with monthly recurring income from every sale.

I think the best types of affiliate programs are ones that don't only offer a one time payout, but offer continuing payouts. Some membership based companies provide this type of program. Other companies, such as web hosting, domain registration and credit card processing companies offer residual income programs as well.

I recently became involved in one at PayMeSecure.com (http://www.paymesecure.com).

They offer discounted credit card processing solutions for online and retail businesses. Their "Hook" is that they have an online monthly fees calculator on their merchant account application that can show a business owner how much money they could save by switching their payment processing service to PayMeSecure. They also don't charge any upfront fees. It's also free to join their Affiliate Program (https://www.paymesecure.com/become-an-agent). And when you do, you can start earning monthly residual income from every credit card transaction processed by your referred customers!

Does anyone else know of any great residual income affiliate programs? ;)

02-12-2014, 09:44 AM
I will take a look at this. Do you also earn from referrals or a down line? I have recently signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. They do offer a free membership. I did sign up for the premium membership for now just to try it out. I already have a referral. This program will also pay monthly. Here is a link if anyone would like to check it out ~ http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=bf4be75b
Another one to look into is InCareRx. This will be paid monthly after you have some people using the prescription discount cards. Free program too. They ask you to buy the cards, but you can print your own. Once you have 30 (I think) people using your cards, they will buy them for you! Anyone can check it out here ~ http://www.discountsonprescriptions.com

06-17-2015, 09:58 AM
you may want to also check out

they've been in business 3 years now and providing a steady income for their investors 🙌

they also have a 5% referral down line commission :)

10-04-2015, 11:53 AM
Residual Income affiliate programs are by far the best, this way each month it can build and build. I only ever choose to promote products that have a monthly fee

10-31-2015, 06:13 AM
I don't like affiliate programs that charge you monthly reocurring fees just to be an affiliate.

I do like affiliate programs that have a higher payout and continuity products/services so I can make a residual income.

12-14-2015, 11:36 PM
Affiliate programs / ad networks shouldn't charge you (the affiliate) to be a member of the program. I've viewed many programs, and most of the respectable ones do not charge you. The only charges/fees may be the fees for wire transfer, paypal, etc. Other than that, there shouldn't be any expenses. If you come across a program that charges you, I would steer clear. Likewise, I would stay away from the "I made $XXXX.xx in Y days, and you can too!" type programs.

You're in business as an affiliate to make money, not lose it. The only cost should be domain, hosting, and any paid advertising campaigns. Not the affiliate program / ad network itself.

Malik Suleman
01-06-2016, 12:43 AM
i think rather than mlm we should trust on affiliate marketing as its trusted

10-27-2018, 04:27 PM
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