View Full Version : Does Anyone Have an Idea on SFI ?

02-05-2014, 02:59 AM
Hi friends,

Recently (17th Jan 2014) one of my friends sent me his referral link to join under him on this site SFI. This is completely free to join and has many opportunities to earn. The Organization has been operational since the last 14 years and they say, they have millions of users. You earn making members (your downline), your Versa Points (these are earned everyday by performing around 11 clicks) and even buying or selling products.

They also have some areas wherein you can add your products for sales (which means that they are kind of providing you an e-commerce site for free) and I have seen people from the US, UK and many other places using this functionality to do their yardsales and many even have shops online.

So what I would like to know from you dear people, is - have you heard about this MLM and if so, what are your recommendations.

Also, if anyone of you might be interested to know more or join, can you PM me please? (I hope this is not against the Rules/Guidelines here and if it is so, I would be happy to have this last two lines removed)