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09-24-2016, 07:20 PM
As quickly and best as I can I will explain my situation...

I worked for 3 years with another guy starting a company and selling refurbished technology to very large (fortune 100 companies). I had no ownership and was paid salary/commission with promises of forming a partnership. I was responsible for 90% of the revenue.
After 3 years it became clear he was going to build his company off my work and never give me ownership I grew tired and started looking elsewhere or into starting my own company and competing.

I decided to take another job that sold refurbished technology, but not in the same area. They sell office type IT supplies, I was previously selling high end Telecom equipment. I figured, fresh start, new everything, start over.
I've been with my new company 2 weeks. I agreed to a salary/commission plan. Now they understand the lucrativeness of my previous company and industry and want me to teach them how my old company operated, teach them the telecom industry and go after my old customers and relationships.

Well, I was ok with salary/commission and a new start, but now I am thinking if they want me to teach them a new industry, bring to them my old customers and processes (pricing, quoting processes, equipment value, etc.) they need to make it more worth my while.

I'm thinking of going in on Monday and sitting down with 2 members of the board and having a conversation. I want to explain to them I came to their company for a fresh start and was washing my hands of my previous experience. (They are both double my age and have much more business knowledge than I do, but I know this niche market they really want to get into like the back of my hand.)

So, I want to try to form a deal where if I introduce them to the new industry, bring on my old customers and teach them my methods they give me something more than salary/commission. I would be interested in a percentage of the company or something of the sort.
Am I out of line? Should I just teach them and stick to salary/commission? What should I ask of them? How do I ask?

I would just leave and start my own company, but I want access to the current company's infrastructure, capital and so on, but I will explain that if I am just going to compete with my old company I should just do it on my own and keep my niche knowledge to myself unless they give me a reason to do it and share with them.....

06-09-2019, 09:25 AM
Hi you are talking about Advice/opinions greatly appreciated i think you have to search on google i have no knowledge about that , sorry for that .thanks

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10-18-2019, 02:19 AM
You must ask for a share in the company, as you have all the knowledge so you must have some share in the company by this you can be the most important of the company and can help them in all the decisions. You can also ask for a position in the Board of directors by this you can fulfill your dreams to open your own company.

10-23-2019, 04:07 AM
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