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02-06-2014, 08:30 AM
I heard about Wealthgroups through a business associate, I checked out the site and it looks pretty good. They offer 3.3% daily profit for 99 business days compounding available, principle back. They also have a promising referral program which allows you to earn up to 8%of the deposits made by people you bring on board.:cool:

02-06-2014, 05:59 PM
A good friend of mine uses Wealthgroups and says so far he hasn't had any problems...I will update this if he does! But so far he likes it and the percentages are better than other options.

02-07-2014, 01:30 AM
What is Wealthgroups and how much do you have to invest?

02-07-2014, 08:56 AM
What is Wealthgroups and how much do you have to invest?

Wealthgroups is another "High Yield Investment Program" and they probably don't ask for more than a $10...maybe up to $30. If you're planning on getting involved in the "HYIP world"...make sure you do a good amount of research on these programs BEFORE you invest...because once they have your money...you may not get anything back out of them! At least 95% of these programs are SCAMS! But there ARE legitimate ones out there...you simply have to be VERY careful if you're going to MAKE money in this business and not LOSE money! As far as Wealthgroups goes...you can go to their website to see what they claim to invest your money in, but what I CAN tell you about them is that they have ONLY been in existence for 23 days now...which, in this business, is NOT enough time to know whether they will be a profitable and long-term program! They have a pretty large following of "watchers" and investors and most of them say they are "Paying", but still many of these programs come out and are gone within the same month! SO BEWARE!

02-07-2014, 09:07 AM
Thanks for the info. Hope it works well. Have you joined on yet?

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