View Full Version : Is the crisis winding down?

02-07-2014, 03:52 PM
Hey guys what are your experiences? I am from the EU and I must say I don't feel like the economy has recovered at all! I see unemployment has fallen in the US, but are these numbers reliable? How is your business doing compared to before ?

03-03-2014, 01:24 AM
I personally don't believe it to be big enough to be called a crisis, honestly, unpopular of an opinion as it may seem. It's true that there is a lot of unemployment nowadays, but we have to remember that in place of that, there is also a huge wave of employment opportunities that have arose in the recent years that were brought upon by the technological revolution. I really try not to rely too much on the media as they tend to exaggerate a bit in the pursuit of something to report on, but that's not saying that a mild crisis doesn't exist, as I do believe that it has a mild crisis has always existed constantly throughout the decades. Long story short, opportunity is always present, and I think buying into these media buzzwords just kind of feed into a sort of self fulfilling prophecy and I see it as unnecessary in some senses, but again, this is just my opinion and I welcome any opposing views.

03-03-2014, 05:06 PM
In the US the unemployed are only considered unemployed for a certain amount of time. After this time is up they drop off the charts, but that doesn't mean they got a job. It's to make our numbers look good.

I can't say whether there is a crisis or not. The media claims that there is, but like Taru stated there is so much opportunity out there. I try to view this optimistically. I see new job listings everyday locally. There are new stores and restaurants opening.

My business has taken a back seat because I just had a baby, but besides that it has gone down some. I think this is due to the rising competition, and I need to put more thought into being unique and finding more traffic.

Just a random observation. A few months ago I was reading yahoo news daily; I especially enjoyed the reader comments. Most of the comments were negative about how everything sucks and is so hard. Then someone mentioned a financial blog. I checked that blog out. The reader comments about some of the same issues I was reading on yahoo were...different. They were more optimistic. They didn't focus on the doom and gloom. They are on missions to retire early (in this economy, even!) After reading the thoughts of this new crowd of people I started to gain a new perspective. Things don't really seem as bad as the media states if you hang around the right kind of people. Maybe things aren't too bad at all, but the media persuades the majority to think that it is.