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10-31-2016, 04:36 PM
Hello everyone best greets,
Well to make a long story short and get straight to the point, i met a Brazilian business man thru an acquaintance. He has an exporting business for different types of commodities and during our conversation he asked if i would be interested in working with him exporting wood/lumber to international buyers. So we arranged an affiliate contract and are looking into doing business together.

He is reliable and trustworthly brazilian exporter and has done business with other large traders worldwide.

A great variarity of timber species from the rich forests of Brazil are available, exporter holds all permits and licenses to export freely. All timber has been treated and prices are very competitive and negotiable. I have specifications for all timber species and I can provide report upon request for additional information.

Besides the fact that i have this product to offer i am also here to learn strategies from other experienced exporters that are willing to share some personal experiences or pehaps any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,

12-20-2016, 12:47 AM
Can you please tell me the diameter and size of the timbers that are available.?
Price of different diameters.
Lenght of it. Will you cut and send or the whole tree?
I have alot of buyers. If you can give a competitive price please do let me know.