View Full Version : A customer issued me a 1099 for their purchases???

02-14-2017, 07:13 PM
Hi everyone, newbie here to the forum. Glad to be here and have already been reading some interesting threads.

Here is my issue:

I had two invoices to a company (customer) last year. One was a direct purchase of candles (charged tax because they were give away items for an event). The other was a wholesale purchase as the company resales the candles on their website.

I just received a 1099 (to my DBA with my SSN number I'm a sole proprietor). The total on the 1099 was the same for both invoices.

The candles I made were complete items, ready for sale/giveaway. Are they allowed to 1099 me for this?

I mean, I purchased a TV at best buy, I know I can't 1099 best buy for my purchase... (lol)

Is there a dispute I can do about this? Or something I can take back to the customer and point them to their error?