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02-22-2014, 05:58 AM
Is a business where all employees work from home required to offer heath care?

I'm not talking about employees located in another country, the employees are located in the same country the business is registered in. And since they work from the comfort of their homes and are not exposed to the 'dangers' of a workplace I imagine that health care is optional?

02-26-2014, 09:54 AM
I am no expert but I would think it would depend on a lot of factors such as size of business and rather or not the employees are really employees or 1099 contractors. Once those factors are determined I would get some help from a professional to help choose the right plans and get everything set up! Good Luck!

02-26-2014, 04:55 PM
Healthcare would be entirely optional as far as I know. Though, I'm not quite sure anymore due to this whole new "Obamacare" bullshit the U.S. is dealing with.

02-27-2014, 02:44 AM
I am not sure if that applies. If you are in the same country but different houses, then health care insurance cannot apply. It will be up to them to take care of themselves.

02-27-2014, 06:46 PM
I'm not sure if that applies, but I would think that if you work from home you would be responsible
for yourself even if you are a employee because you don't work in the office where you are employed.
But I'm not sure of that though.

03-13-2014, 11:56 PM
If they are fulltime employees, I think it's only fair to offer those types of benefits. The only difference is the location that they work in, but it does not mean that their working conditions are better and that they won't get sick anyway. I think every fulltime employee deserves health care benefits among other things.

Also, this is not just about being required. It also ensures that you have healthy employees and that they are able to work for your for a long time. It motivates employees a lot when they have these types of benefits.

03-14-2014, 06:43 AM
You are not obligated to offer healthcare to employees working from home. In fact, that is an expense that you should not place on the business. The reasoning in this judgement is that not only are they just sited at home, they do not go out of the house to carry out their duties. Therefore, adding healthcare should only be placed because the business is successful enough to offer healthcare as an incentive.

03-18-2014, 11:57 AM
I'm in agreement with others here who have pointed out that you likely do not have to pay. That being said, none of us here are experts. I would talk to someone with legal knowledge of the matter before you relied on the advice of internet strangers, especially with the recent approval of the Obamacare law.

03-18-2014, 12:09 PM
The answer to your question would depend on the country you are in to a certain extent. It would also depend on how the employees are described. Are they employees who receive a regular paycheque or are they self employed individuals? While you probably don't have to pay for healthcare, it would be a good idea to make sure that the employees know this and that there isn't an assumption that someone is paying for them.

03-18-2014, 03:05 PM
Not much we can do when you don't tell us which country this business is located in. These things are usually stated in the law, and obviously every country has different ones.

03-18-2014, 03:12 PM
From what I know healthcare is considered a benefit, just like meal tickets. Some companies offer them, some don't. I'm not sure about the legal aspect. However, you need to inform your employee that you wouldn't be insuring them. It is useful to cover healthcare. Everybody can get sick. At work, in the bus, at the grocery stores. Germs everywhere. It's a lot more convenient for the state to pay for the medical leave than for your employee to receive no pay while they're struggling with a disease. I'm not sure how many people with agree to work without healthcare.

11-16-2017, 01:45 AM
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11-23-2019, 02:23 AM
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07-07-2020, 06:37 AM
If your business is running well and you are making a lot of money then you should offer these facilities to your employee whether they are working in the office or working from home. a business can run in the long term without maintaining a sound relationship with the employee

07-08-2020, 12:04 AM
Offering medicinal services benefits is a troublesome, careful procedure, particularly for completely remote organizations whose representatives work in various urban areas and states.

11-06-2020, 06:50 AM
Give employees a sense of belonging. ...
Define goals for remote workers. ...
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Communicate regularly. ...
Check in frequently and be proactive.

12-18-2020, 12:13 AM
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12-26-2020, 04:20 PM
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12-27-2020, 11:31 AM
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12-28-2020, 02:17 PM
1:Equip your team with tech and productivity tools.
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01-02-2021, 12:46 AM
Here are some of the most popular health benefits options available to small businesses:-
Traditional group health insurance
The Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement
Integrated HRA
Health insurance purchasing co-op, etc.
Small businesses may choose to offer health insurance to employees because it offers benefits both to workers and the company.

01-06-2021, 12:18 PM
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02-01-2021, 11:12 PM
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03-19-2021, 03:40 PM
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03-20-2021, 06:39 AM
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04-03-2021, 07:13 AM
Not sure, But it totally depends on employers whether they are enough able to provide health care to remote employees.

04-12-2021, 11:25 AM
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04-12-2021, 11:36 AM
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05-24-2021, 06:30 AM
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06-03-2021, 02:38 AM
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06-20-2021, 10:57 AM
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06-21-2021, 06:31 AM
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06-26-2021, 10:04 AM
I am no expert but I would think it would depend on a lot of factors such as size of business and rather or not the employees are really employees or 1099 contractors. Once those factors are determined I would get some help from a professional to help choose the right plans and get everything set up! Good Luck!

07-23-2021, 03:44 AM
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