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04-28-2017, 11:04 AM

I own a small business which was acquired 2 years ago. Transition (from previous owner) and management of the business were quite smooth.. We inherited 2 full time office based staff, with 3 further temps who are not office based.
The 2 FT staff are very experienced, one 25years and another 10years experience with the same business, loyal and resourceful. You could say I was quite fortunate with the staff.

They both manage one stream of the business and I manage another on my own. Every now and then they run things by me however for the most part they run it on their own. However this is also where problem start to appear. 'Honeymoon' period over I start to see flaws and holes here and there on how they conduct their work. This must have been present in the past 2 years however frankly speaking the time went by like a blur, especially given this is my first time managing a business. Now the dust has settled I am able to see things more clearly.

The issue now is I find they don't seem to run things by me, I don't expect all things, but at least important stuff I feel they should. Not necessarily for my approval but at minimum to bring to my attention and have a discussion. I understand there is a fine-line, empower vs control. And in recent times whenever discussion arise about 'their' stream or I would like request for things to be discussed with me they would be somewhat defensive. I understand they have been used to managing things on their own and I would want this to continue but I would hope they understand where I'm coming from, being the owner of the business. And also, assist them with the 'flaws and holes'. There are times when I feel they would make decision which may necessarily not have the best of outcome for the business either commercially or in the long run. I can at times be quite nervous about it or in some situation feel mute. I should not feel this way because this is my business after all.

Any thoughts.. advise, insight, input is utmost welcome..

Please feel free to pose any questions, happy to add more info


03-25-2020, 03:25 AM
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