View Full Version : Can't seem to EXPLODE

05-26-2017, 11:03 PM

Business is doing great. I'm a consultant and I hit 6 figures (Annually) just 3 months ago.

Initially, my motivation to earn money was so I can buy a proper recording studio gear.

My thing I always did was rap or make music. I light up when it comes to conversations about music. Genre doesn't matter.

After I got some nice killer gear and even took proper training to mix songs (Yeah like sound totally professional), I can't seem to

I would like to concentrate on one thing. So I my results can EXPLODE!

The learning curve and the time 'mixing' makes me think is this really what I want to do? It's annoying as hell.

When I work too much, I feel like the music is pulling me back.

I'm tired of this sea saw battle. I love this financial success and I want more but what can i do? Like i don't believe in hobbies. I really want to dedicate myself to one thing. For example, I listen to ET the hip hop preacher a lot. His one thing is 'motivating' ppl. I want that 'ONE' thing. It can't be marketing and music.

I like my work a lot because the growth opportunity has blew my mind. However, again, this music stuff keeps pulling me back. When I actually start making it then the time and learning curve pissed me right off.

What the heck can I do? I've become somewhat of a success I guess but I want to really take things to the next level. Like I said, this sea saw battle sucks!

06-10-2017, 07:45 AM
But its not very easy to explode.