View Full Version : Project Manager hanging out with competition outside of work

06-14-2017, 12:00 AM
a few months ago the branch manager of our construction business left the company, started his own competing company, stole company assets, and took most of our employees with him. We hired a new project manager and recently I ran into him having dinner and drinks with the old branch manager (now the competition). I realize I can't tell him who he can be friends with but this still seems extremely innapropriate to me. He knows plenty of things about the company and the jobs we are bidding on that could give ammunition to the competition, and I know that they weren't friends prior to him being hired as our project manager. In addition to this, this project manager frequently has drinks with some of the employees outside of work. I feel like being drinking buddies would blur the lines between boss and employee. I would love some advice or insights on what to do in this situation.

06-21-2017, 09:17 AM
One way you can protect yourself and your company is to have your project manager (and all employees from here on out) sign an NDA about projects your are working on bidding on. Best case scenario, it would allow your employees to still socialize with whoever they want and your work would be protected. Worse case scenario, if they do talk, you can sue them & possibly stop the competition from using your work.

I agree. An NDA will definitely protect your business as it will be a legal tool to sue employees who sell out vital information about your company. It could have prevented your previous branch manager from setting up as your competitor.

07-09-2017, 12:12 AM
well, you are correct to say that you cannot tell your employee who to hang out with after work. You need to protect yourself as much as your employees. You can probably talk to your current manager again about his take on the company. Does he know your former manager? If he does not, consider telling him the story, what it can do to the business and the employees still working with the company. The best way to get your employees loyalty is to help them get a sense of ownership for the company. This way, they will protect it as much as you do.