View Full Version : Communications Etiquette: Helping a European understand American ways

09-27-2017, 11:31 AM
Hello Everyone,

I'm a former European teacher, now living in the southeast of the United States, who is starting up a business. I'm on the shy side and when I wish to speak with someone over business matters, I will email that person first, especially if I don't know them well or at all, and ask when a good time would be for a chat (I don't have a secretary making appointments for me). I sometimes don't get replies back for a few days, which I find somewhat impolite; sometimes I will send a follow-up email asking if that person received my initial email, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

Is my approach here something that you would also typically find in the US or not? Do you typically email first and ask when a person might have time, or do you usually just call first and hope you are not calling at an importune time?

And if a person doesn't reply to your email, how long will you wait until you email them back? Or would you just simply call?

Finally, after a certain period when you haven't received an email response, it sounds strange to me to write something like "just wondering if you received my email from the (date)". What other polite ways are there of sending that second email that will almost certainly make the person reply back to you.

I'd appreciate your input so that I can improve how I conduct business with people in the States