View Full Version : Companies And Brands You Admire

03-07-2014, 11:25 AM
I know a lot of people are a bit unhappy with the way Youtube is being run, but I personally can't help but admire what it has become. I do realize that it has a lot to do with being owned by Google and the resources that come with it, but just judging the site on its own and comparing it to others kind of makes me feel glad that it at least has set a good enough standard. I've used other video sites and besides the lack of content which is to be expected, I'd say that my experience with them is not nearly as smooth and comfortable as Youtube's - albeit still being usable; and I think that's still a testament to the people who decide how it will work regardless of the minor complaints here and there. On a side note, I'm still not that sold on their new commenting system and still kind of prefer the old one, and that's just as a viewer as I never really comment on YT videos. Overall, though, I'm really impressed with how far the site has come as I did somewhat get to see the earlier stages of it, which I think helps me appreciate its current state more.

How about you guys, any companies or brands that you admire in particular? What makes you a fan of them?