View Full Version : Disolving a Business

10-24-2017, 05:14 PM
I have a business partner, we've been in business 2 years. Our company has only pulled in about 50k and I'm not happy with his performance... he's been stuck on a single deal that is 3% of our original profit margin, trying to close it for over a year now. We make a software product, or more specifically I write the software and he tries to sell it with services as well.

Bottom line, I am starting to want to consider cutting my loses and running... but I do not want to give up my rights to the software I put 2 years of work into (he wrote no code for it). Additionally, when we formed the company we never signed anything, so I think that means we fall under the default partnership agreement?

Any input is appreciated... I'm highly technical and not business savvy or legalistic, so any insight is appreciated. My goal, if I choose to accept it, is that we both leave the company each with the code or documentation we have each developed, anything of value we've developed for the company we take with us and our partnership thud shall go the way of the dinosaurs... I'm just fed up with this arrangement.

Thanks =(