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10-26-2017, 07:48 PM
Hello, I work behind the counter serving customers for an ice cream franchise. Today, a lady came in with a toddler and a new born. She ordered a small cup for her daughter and a small cup for herself totaling $6.49. I made the order and when she went to pay she handed me over a gift card for that particular franchise. I swiped multiple time but it read "error" nothing else. I used another register and same thing. I then punched in the numbers manually and still the same message error. The woman told me that since she had the gift card, she did not bring her wallet and had no money on her. The owner, who leaves very frequently, was not there. I called her and it went into voice mail. The little girl had already eaten the ice cream by then and the other ice cream was melting. The new born started to cry. I apologized and gave her her card back and told her to please write down her name and number so the owner could contact her. I told her we were on the honor system and she thanked me and reassured me she would be back. By that time, I also had a line out the door and desperately needed to take the next customer.

I explained everything to the owner afterwards and she told me I should have called her. I told her I did. She insisted I did not because she had no missed calls. I told her to check her survailence cameras and she could see that I did call her. She told me I acted very unprofessionally by not taking the woman's gift card and by only getting her name and number. She said now she has nothing to prove anything. I did think about asking her for her card, but she could have told me no. Maybe I should have asked. I did everything I could to ring this transaction, including calling the owner who did not pick up. I spent about 10 minutes at the register.

Anyway, this is a minimum wage job that I had been taking very seriously since it is all that I have now. I've proven to be a team player and someone who cares. If I didn't care, I would have just given the lady back her card and told her to forget about it and the owner would never have known but I took her name and number and informed the owner. Did I or did I not do the right thing? I asked the owner what I should have done and she told me I should have called her. And back to square one, I DID call her. I obviously care very much about this exchange, enough to join this forum and ask someone if I acted unprofessionally or not or what I could have done better. I'm getting no guidance from my boss. She should treat someone, who is working for pennies and who actually CARES about the job, better. Or am I wrong about this? Any professional business owners out there who can help me? I want to be armed with some truths and logical things to say to her when I go in tomorrow because she wants to "talk to me." Thanks in advance.

12-13-2019, 03:21 AM
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12-18-2020, 05:02 AM
Although we're not familiar with your store's standard procedure with this type of situation, but from what I can read, you did everything you can for this customer. If you did everything by the book, then I guess there's nothing wrong with what you did. - Phillip Elden (http://www.phillipeldenblog.com/)