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11-15-2017, 07:34 AM

I am looking advice. We are buying a company. The problem is that I don't know how to deal with share, how can i position myself better. Following is the problem.

We are 3 partners. I have to give the initial $30,000 from which we will start process of buying a company. After I give $30,000, another partner will start the process of getting a bank loan $1000000. This $1000000 is for buying company, building lease, operation and admin etc.

I asked them to give me 30% share, another two partner will receive 25% each and the rest 20% will be sold as share. If this happens as I understand I have pay 30% of $1000000(correct me if I am wrong).

Remember that if I don't give the initial $30,000 then they cannot advance further for buying the company via bank loan.

The question is how do I position myself so that I have highest share in the company, whether or not I have to pay the 30% of company acquisition cost and what I have to tell my partners?

Thanks in advance

10-18-2019, 06:14 PM
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