View Full Version : Monitoring the success of Advertising Campaigns

02-21-2005, 10:22 AM
There are many measurements that can be used when assessing the success of an advertising campaign.

One of the most direct ways is to measure the number of calls received to your organisation following a campaign. Traditionally this can be difficult to achieve when you may have multiple campaigns running simultaneously.

One way that we have found to be successful is to setup dedicated non-geographic telephone numbers which then point to your standard landline - these are good because they are free to setup, have no rental costs but each number will have a dedicated usage report. For example, one of our clients used 0870 XXX 1234 for an advert in their local newspaper, 0870 YYY 1234 in a national advert and 0870 ZZZ 1234 in another magazine & then based on the monthly usage reports had an exact figure of the direct success of each campaign based upon number of calls received.

Different prefixes can be used depending on how you would like to run the campaign. Examples include, 0800 = Freephone, 0845 = Equivalent of local rate, 0870 = Variable national rate, 0871 = Fixed national rate, 0906 = Premium rate. With the 0870, 0871 and Premium rate you would earn commissions on any calls received to that number.

Feel free to get in touch (steveej1@gmail.com) with any questions on how this may work for you.