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03-08-2005, 11:08 AM

I started making the videos as a way to calm myself during my son's deployment to Iraq. I have found over the years that creativity is at times healing. Deployment is a very stressful period for many; creating the videos not only gave me a sense of peace, but it was also a valuable gift I could give my son, and other soldiers; being able to "see" family while so far away.

Because I know how valuable it is to have these memories to hold onto during a deployment, because I know how much it meant to our soldiers and their families to have a recorded history of their lives at home and at war. When contact home is minimal, having these story images helps i a small way with the lonliness; at least to be able to see our loved ones.
Several Jemories were made to share events such as the birth of a child, birthdays in the family and graduation from High School. Other photo stories were created from photos taken by the soldiers during their tour of service in Iraq; these Jemories were created to archive their experience of War, but also served as a tool for school children, and those at home having no idea what serving in a war can look like.
Sadly, photo stories have also been created posthumously for those who have lost a loved one in service.
**The creation of a Jemories/DVD photo story is free for members of the armed services, (serving from 9/11/2001-forward) their spouses, or parents. Videos of fallen soldiers will be given priority.
Once your video is done there will be a preview for you on the neptune site, for your approval, although I understand we all like things a certain way, it is also an artistic endeavor creating these videos, therefore, I will be happy to make small changes, but generally request artistic control over the final product. If you really, really hate it, I will give it one more try!

The only cost is for the postage;. ( return postage per the weight of the number of cd/cases you request). -Please See the "Contact Us" page for information on how to send a prepaid postage envelope.
Videos of fallen soldiers will be given priority.