View Full Version : Anyone Planning to Start an NGO or Charity

04-03-2014, 03:11 AM
I had a dream I grew up with - I always wanted to set up an Orphanage at my place here in India.

I also wanted to set up an Old Age Home kind of thing as the people who have grown old are somehow more neglected after a certain age and I fear loneliness the most.

But it is unfortunate that I am unable to raise funds and go about it and more so, I am more ill today and this seems a distant dream to trun to reality.

Anyways, that was a personal thing I vented out. But for the sake of discussion, have you ever considered these ventures and thought or tried to go about them? I know many on this forum are quite young and maybe they only have some inputs to provide, but I guess, it is all good for the discussion.