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04-01-2005, 02:02 AM
How to find the ideal vending location

Are you the proud owner of vending machines, or attracted to the allure of high profit margins, and an all cash business vending machines provide? Yes, vending machines are the proverbial money making machines. The secret is to find a good location and fielding enough units to make it worth your while. Most people are very content with the income of 30 machines working for their money. This seems to be the ticket to financial freedom for many retirees or individuals who want to supplement their existing income or jobs.

There are two ways to find a location for your machine – one is to go shop to shop looking for restaurant owners, convincing Laundromat owners, and haggling with auto dealership managers, hunting down the hotel GM’s, etc. This requires thick skin and a lot of enthusiasm not to mention strong muscles to present the machines all day. However if you impute all the costs and perspiration involved you may be better serviced by a professional location company to find prospective locations for you.

A vending location company is tasked to call hundreds of businesses to see if they are interested in having a free vending machine in their premises. It may be surprising how many people will turn down free vending machines, but they all have their reasons; no place to put it, not enough traffic, hate vending machines, doesn’t want liability if a kid chokes on a gumball, or the manger, owner, or decision maker is not there. Despite all the challenges, cold calling does work and is essentially a numbers game. This may not appeal to everyone because the frequent rejection often demoralizes people. In the call center industry, especially in cold calling positions, half of new hires don’t last a month because of the demoralizing aspect of rejection.

Since the locations are set without the machines ever being seen, most reputable vending locators give a “kick out” guarantee in case the machine is rejected within sight and even offer a one month guarantee that the location won’t be kicked out after the first month of installation. To avoid disputes, it is suggested to agree on the criteria of a valid location with your locator. The more selective your criteria, the cost per location will likely increase due to greater amount of work needed in finding a qualified location. .

The cost of cold calling over the time and effort of driving all over town with a truck load of machines is often far lower. There is the age old adage - “let your fingers do the walking, call first before going.”

Ideal locations to place your bulk candy machines are hotels, motels, hair and nail salons, diners, pizza parlors, barber shops, lube stations, tattoo parlors, auto repair and dealerships, bike shops, skate board shops, Laundromats, etc. For combo machines and snack or soda machines, they would be in corporate locations (though this is tough because they are most probably already serviced by a concessionaire), auto dealerships, hotels, motels, nursing homes, schools, etc

Why these locations? The simple fact that they are retail locations mean that a high amount of foot traffic will be coming in and out of their doors. It would help if their business activities require customers to wait in line or waiting for their car to be fixed, as vending machine purchases are impulse buys, and most people are apt to plunk down change so they can eat or chew gum while waiting.

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Mike de Guzman is the owner of businessbeanstalk.com a call center that caters to the diverse cold calling needs of entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. He has found locations for thousands of machines nationwide.

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