View Full Version : Free advertisement or easy extra cash: what do you choose?

04-01-2005, 07:32 AM
Hello everyone!
I represent a new Cost-Per-Action based advertising company - AdValid.com Finance. We have launched our program ten days ago and now need some starting speed-up.
If you want to promote your digital product or web service we provide you with free trial advertisement.
If you simply want to earn some extra cash for minimum efforts we provide you with a huge range of abilities.

We offer:
- Favorable prices for advertisers, loyal percentage for affiliates
- Variable advertising packages including free trial package
- Additional opportunities to get extra cash for members
- $1 minimum payouts via E-Gold
- Manual cash-out opportunity
- Responsive support
- Great potential

No matter what you are - advertiser or consumer - feel free to joing and analyse our abilities.