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04-13-2005, 12:50 PM
Imho FOREX - the best way to earn money at home, even if you are a neb these strategies will help you much.

Do you know anyone who has a perfect trading strategy? Want it?
Became the first trader, who always knows where to buy or to sell!
Six perfect strategies for GBP/USD:

1.Optimized on history of 2 years trading.
2.Balanced stop-loss and limit.
3.Diffrerent time periods - choose the most convenient to you.
4. No need to use forecasts and reviews - the signals will inform you when and what should you do.
5. Solid growth of you income.
6. Possibility of diversification of the risk level.
7. Everyday support.
8.All the history of the deals, all the reports are available for you/ Strategy performance available.
9.Use a special calculator to see how much did you earn with the signals.

Still have questions? Mail to dubyna@yahoo.com

Sincerely yours, Alex.

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