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04-14-2005, 05:47 AM
Dear Friend,

We are a Hong Kong-based company and expanding fast in U.A.E, Europe, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and soon in U.S.A. Currently we are opening up a new RELATIONAL E-COMMERCE industry worldwide.

It is a new industry, just like the water market 30 years ago. Now the water market has matured and it's a billion dollar industry.

We are looking for serious business partners to develop this new industry. The proven product RESENSA GREEN ICED TEA POWDERED MIX, a new name, a unique flavor and an exciting healthy beverage that will truly revolutionize the world of iced tea lovers.

Kindly reply ONLY if you are a businessman or if you are looking for business opportunity to embark on a Global Business Platform.

Please provide me with the following information and send thru email xdh606@yahoo.com.au

1) Complete Name ( First, Middle, Surname) :
2) Contact No. : Landline and Cellphone
3) Email :
4) Birthdate :
5) Profession/Business :
6) Complete Address:
7) Country / Zip Code :

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