View Full Version : Finding the distributors in the country ?

05-31-2014, 06:11 AM
Lets say, we are a startup retail outlet.
Whats the best way to reach the brands distributors in the country ?

And how do we approach or convince them to source their products through us ?

Any tips ?

07-16-2014, 02:38 AM
use search engine Google for traders because now a days most of distributors have their own websites.in this way you can contact them.

paul woodall
07-17-2014, 04:08 PM
Hello soamz,

I think you mean you want to sell a brand's products through your retail outlet and how do you find the distributors for those products?

First step should be to know what products you are selling and how they are unique to you. You don't want to carry what the big box guys. You'll lose. Search other retailers for the types of products you want to carry and find out the brand names.

Google them and see if you can find out their competitors to see if potentially you should carry the competitor instead. Get your list ready and start calling the Business Development or Sales Team.

I used to get these calls all the time from photography stores wanting to sell what we were selling. You can also find similar stores in other parts of the country or join a retail association that may be able to help with names.

Good luck,

09-03-2014, 02:20 AM
Big vendors like Amazon, Ebay are full with this method of business. And at the end of day you don't have to keep in house any stock. First get yourself a website and focus on few articles first, just to test the method. As far as I know it work a lot of people is doing it and makes a lot of money.

03-09-2016, 06:15 AM
use all search engine's like GOOGLE , YAHOO, BING and YANDEX

03-11-2016, 04:46 PM
Pickup the phone and cold call them :)

Cheap, inexpensive, just requires some courage.

03-21-2016, 05:12 AM
Managing and maintaining all your contact using a software like Zoho or Apptivo is very essential. Social media an important tool which helps you to promote your business and get input regarding your business. This both will develop your business to next level. All the best.

Sherry Doyle
03-28-2018, 11:05 AM
I had the same problem when I was just starting my business. I have a delivery business so the biggest problem for me was finding ways to deliver the merchandise I was making. Working with fed ex or one of the big companies was out of the question.. so I had to literally go and look for people myself. Luckily I had a lot of help and since it is a local business I was only delivering in my area so I got some local people who were looking for part time work. I guess when my business will grow, I will be using platforms to automate the entire process. I was working it a start up doing exactly that and it just made everything so much easier. Hopefully I will be using their platform (https://www.bringg.com/platform/)soon enough :)
Try using people you know

06-21-2018, 07:49 AM
Use B2B mailing list and get direct contact to brand owners and discuss with them.

07-26-2018, 05:40 AM
search manufacturers and wholesale distributors in Facebook groups in your country, there you will get brands distributors online.

10-11-2019, 02:06 AM
Get your product market-ready.
Understand whom you're selling to.
Target your market.
Create demand.
Prove your product will sell.
Ask questions.
Attend trade shows.
Select distributors and sales reps carefully.