View Full Version : Looking for resellers.

05-01-2005, 09:26 PM
We are model aircraft customizers and we are looking for resellers. Please visit us at www.customairmodels.com for more information on our operations. We have resellers in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the US. Our custom prices are 30-50% lower than the competition to give our dealers/resellers the edge. The average custom price of a fully customized model aircraft is $159 plus shipping. Ours is $99 plus shipping and if you are in the reseller's program the prices are discounted 10% further or $89 plus shipping. Set up your own website and strategize your marketing. Get the thrill of breaking through the first sale and receive satisfaction in bringing back a crashed aircraft back to life or make someone happy by building a replica of his prized possesion. Just submit photos of your clients aircraft and we will do the rest.


Attached is a photo of a recent creation. Please ask about our reseller's program where you can get 30% discounts.