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05-03-2005, 05:27 AM
Hello all,

This is my first attempt at importing goods into the UK. I have been in contact with various manufacturers over the past couple of months in Pakistan and India and have struck a deal with a select few of them. Here in the UK I already have a couple of buyers and am hopeful of getting rid of the remainder of the initial stock I will purchase. The manufacturers in India and Pakistan have provided prices for the goods (C&F by air) but I'm not sure how I can find out what other costs I will need to pay before the goods reach me.

If the goods are sent to an airport here in the UK - will I have to pay any airport handling?

The goods are to be packed in boxes which only weight about 15KG each (* 3 boxes) - can I get these sent directly to me via DHL or do they need to go through customs at an airport? I know that there is a couple of percent of customs tax on the goods but where do I pay this?

I'm not sure of what the next steps are that I should be taking and I'm currently at a stuck point. I'm not sure how to pay the manufacturers either how do I go about doing this? Do I need to get some sort of agreement set up? And what happens if the goods are lost or damaged?

I don't really want to ask the manufacturers too much because then they may feel that I don't really know what I'm doing - its taken me a lot of emails to convince them to deal with me.

Any advice will be most appreciated.



05-05-2005, 04:07 PM
your supplier quote C&F air, which means they will pay the air freight. But you need to find a customs broker at UK to help you clear the customs, and you need to check out how much you need to pay the broker.

If you want them deliver to you by DHL and skip the customs check, first of all, you need to double check with your supplier if they want to pay the DHL service. but i bet they won't, because it will cost them much more than normal air delivery. If you don't care the expensive DHL service, you can pay when they arrive, and at the same time ask your supplier to quote a FOB price (cheaper than C&F, because FOB price exclude air freight). Secondly, you need to call DHL local office, and ask them what's the weight and value limit for small parcel delivery that need not to clear the customs. You may need to separate the big package into several small ones, and put the value as lower as you can.

For safty question, you can buy insurance in UK for your intl' shipment.

As for how to pay your supplier, if you don't trust them that much, you can go to your bank and issue a Letter of Credit. Or you can ware them the money through your bank after you get the copy of Bill of Lading (dont' pay them until you get B/L, which shows they do send out your products).

Hope this can help a little bit.

05-11-2005, 04:58 AM
Thanks for your help oceanwave.

Can you recommend any customs brokers and Int'l insurers for my shipment to the UK (midlands) - or advice on where I can find them.

Regarding the DHL service - you said I can pay them when the goods arrive, does this mean I pay for the service at the airport or dhl office when I go to pick up my goods?



05-11-2005, 07:34 AM
Sorry, i'm in US, not UK. But you can check your phone book for customs broker.

You can pay DHL when your shipment arrives. They will contact you and send you the bill. DHL won't release the shipment until get your payment.

good luck!

05-31-2006, 10:07 AM

if you use DHL to delivery your goods, I think it is available and not expensive on small qty.the only thing you should do just contact your DHL local office and pick your 3 box up. In China,we often use DHL to dlivery goods especially when the delivery time is so tightlu and client also agree with pay for the delivery cost.Regarding clearance, DHL delivery cost is already including the custom tax.DHL will inform you when the goods send to your office or are already arrive in your city. Upon you pay for the cost, the goods wil be sent to you directly.

My client ofther use this way to delivery goods,I hope my words will useful for you.

Kind regards


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