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06-21-2014, 10:09 AM
Dear guys.

Thank you for this forum.

I am a sole trader and would like to employ someone for 15 hours per week, national minimum wage.

I've had a look and found there's a thing about needing to pay a minimum of 111 per week to an employee.

Thing is, he works as a Carer and cannot earn more than a hundred pounds per week part-time, hence the fifteen hour limit.

If you can help with any advice / links / info' I would be very grateful.

Thank you.


06-12-2019, 07:15 AM
i think this is best work soul trader. Any opportunity let me know.

09-11-2019, 02:46 AM
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11-21-2019, 02:43 AM
You may appoint people and remain a sole dealer. There's no want to set up a constrained organisation in case you don't need to. While sole buyers perform on their personal, that doesn't mean they have to work by myself. The term sole trader just way which you are trading as yourself, underneath your personal name.

11-21-2019, 02:52 AM
You can appoint people and remain a sole trader. There's no need to installation a limited organization if you don't want to. While sole buyers operate on their own, that doesn't mean they have to paintings by myself. The term sole trader just manner which you are buying and selling as your self, beneath your personal call.

12-28-2020, 01:19 AM
I am sure that there will be lots of takers for this. The rate is not bad considering you are part timer. - Marla Ahlgrimm (https://www.facebook.com/MarlaAhlgrimm)