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05-23-2005, 01:38 PM

Greetings from PV Hariharan, India!

I am working on a new concept - AGRO-POLYMER INDUSTRY COMPLEX. We start with any form of agriculture or plantation - eg, Banana Plantation, Coffee Plantation, Coconut Plantation etc. At the moment, the only businesses in these are based on either the food produce crop or additional processed foods. However, nearly 95% of the Biomass are wasted. For example every ha of Banana Plantation produces over 135 tons of Biomass per annum, the real fruit products form less than 20 tons! It is possible to convert the fibers into engineering composites and the sludge liquid to Methane gas/ energy/ chemicals - a parallel "Petrochemical" equivalent. I have done certain basic bench-level development works and wish to combine with interested persons/ entrepreneurs to take up these REVOLUTIONARY themes and concepts to higher levels - having world wide implications. Our Government offers excellent Financial assistance schemes. I wish to combine with the right persons/ group to proceed further Please contact me if interested