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Anthony DeAngelis
07-27-2004, 02:20 PM
I'm an e-payments consultant with Electronic Payment Providers, Inc. and we have successfully integrated our payment engine into three major collection software packages. We have numerous payment solutions including:

*Automated Clearing House (ACH)
*Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC / Remittance Processing)
*Electronic Check Re-Presentment (RCK)
*Credit Card Processing

We’ve found that our ARC system has saved our clients in the Collection Industry an enormous amount of time and money. By having the ability to scan checks received in the mail, automatically posting the items to your Accounts Receivable Software, and electronically sending the items directly to the bank at the end of each day, you will reduce errors and the overall workload in the posting department, eliminates a majority of the banking fess charged by traditional banks (i.e. return check fees), and gives you more control of your money.

If you would like to add value to your current software package with our Revenue Sharing Program or want more information about our other payment solutions, feel free to contact me at the numbers provided.

Anthony DeAngelis
ACH Consultant
Electronic Payment Providers, Inc.
Toll-Free 877-EPP-CORP
Office 602-667-9565 ext. 201
Mobile 480-620-3993