View Full Version : Tour Guides in Greece?

06-15-2005, 05:43 AM
Hello everyone,

I would like your opinion on a small business idea i have: tour guides in greece

In a few words the idea is this:
Creating a site inviting tourists to book their own tour guides and at the same time contacting tour operators from countries that send the most tourists to greece. Booking tour guides for groups of tourists. With a little research I ve made the prices for a group are 46 euro per person (4 hours) and private tours 120 euro per hour (min 2 hours).

Also there are more specialised tours in other types of tourism (ecotourism etc.) but the general idea is a tour within the city around the ancient monuments (since we ve got a lot of them :wink: )

If you had planned a trip to greece would you be interested in something like this, and if yes how do you think about the prices?

Thank you

11-24-2005, 02:15 PM
Are you currently living in Greece?

It sounds a great idea but I think the Greek authorities strictly control tour guides around historic sites. It might be easier to get an 'official status if you live in the country.