View Full Version : Help me - I know NOTHING!

06-24-2005, 05:50 PM
Hi, sorry to freak out, but i really don't know much.

I guess if i want helpful advice, i have to tell about my idea, so here it goes. I want to start a "high-school hangout", you know, a cool place where older teens can get together and just chill.

Basically, I want it to cater(spelling?) to a variety of interests. There would be a bookstore/comic shop/ library, a cafe/concert/video game area, and finally a cinema/movie rental area.

So here are my questions:
Do I need a licence to rent out or sell books and movies?
Do I need a licence to show movies?
Can I show older movies? (ones out on video or DVD)

I know i have more questions, but my mind just froze. basically i'm concerned about those FBI warnings on the beginning of movies. Also, semi-related issue: the above hang-out would require quite alot of space. Would that be a problem.

Any input, whether it answers my questions or not, would be infinitely helpful.

Thank you.