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08-21-2014, 07:38 PM
Hi everyone,

UPDATE: BOTTOM LINE - Less than two months using this system and I not only have a legitimate online business running, but I have already started to generate revenue. This isn't some get rich quick scheme or scam that shows Ferrari's and Beaches, but I can tell you that in the last 2 weeks, yes WEEKS, I have earned $550. I am incredibly confident those numbers will only continue to climb. I'm still in disbelief and overjoyed that I finally found a place that left all the BS at the door and let me create and run a LEGIT online business from home. I have already covered the cost of this system, including hosting and then some with the money I have made and not ONE dime has been made promoting the system itself. All I know is it works and I don't have to rely on whether people sign up or not. However, I believe in it, I'm proof you can absolutely earn a respectable income, and I know if anyone reading this has gone through the piles of fluff and BS over the years like I have, this is without question the last stop you will need to make. Completely up to you, but I would strongly encourage you to sign up for Free and try it out for yourself. No credit card numbers or stupid upsells if you design to join. Nothing to lose to give it a shot. If you do decide to join, please reach out to Hojo007 on the other side and say hello. I'll help you however I can and would be more than happy to tell you exactly how I was able to achieve success relatively quickly. It's not rocket science, its really not difficult at all. Everything you need including unlimited hosting and training is there and continues to be offered week in and week out as part of the program. There isn't some "secret" one-on-one coaching that will cost you thousands of dollars if you are "serious" about your business. None of the garbage! It's so incredibly refreshing and I couldn't be more stoked to be seeing these awesome results so quickly. Read my full breakdown below, but I had to come back and provide the update because I am incredibly excited to see the results coming in so quick and fast each day. I can't believe I have only touched the surface. Sky is truly the limit now! I literally saw my first sale in my particular niche (not make money online or online business related at all) two days after I posted this here. Seriously, just stop....stop searching and reading all of those shiny object "guru" marketing books and programs. I guarantee that if you want to start a legitimate business online, this is the last stop you will need to make. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself. If not, I wish you all the luck in the world because I can't force anyone to listen, but I wish I could because after SEVEN years trying EVERYTHING under the sun, this is the ONLY thing that has not only shown me real results, but quickly. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and checking your e-mail to see that you made sales while you were asleep. Just so cool, I really feel like i need to pinch myself. OK, sorry, Im rambling, I know....but just click the link below and do yourself a favor NOW. And don't thank me, just go achieve the successful online business you have wanted for as long as you can remember!



I am going to make this really simple! I spent the last 7 years literally buying into every "shiny object" Internet Marketing program, system, and network that you can possibly imagine. One after the other, the same disappointing results and only an empty wallet to show for it. Sure, some provided a little more value than others, but the majority were purely selling pipe dreams and filled with fluff. Every time I thought I was making progress or about to take things to the next level, I was greeted by another wall or another up-sell. I was so passionate about creating my own successful online business, I would invest. Not because I was a "sucker," but because I was passionate about making it work. I was very serious and very determined and I figured that was enough. The problem was that it never seemed to work. I seemed to only fuel the businesses of others and the only thing I was doing was investing, but seeing very little in return. Finally, I had pretty much given up. I left the IM world and went back to a full time office job again. Then, one day, I was unexpectedly laid off from my job...

I had time on my hands now so I started to dig around a little bit and see if anything REAL even existed or if it was the same nonsense I had been exposed to before. I knew VERY clearly what I was NOT looking for based on my past experience. To say I was skeptical this time around, would be a complete understatement. Then, I found it (http://focushereandnow.com/visit/bestonlinebusiness/)...

Quite simply, I REALLY found "it." I found a place that LEGITIMATELY offered me ALL of the tools, training, resources, support, and help that I could possibly need to start a LEGITIMATE online business. The best part about it was there was ZERO pressure. I signed up for FREE...and I am not talking about the type of "Free" that requires you to enter in credit card information so that after "x" amount of days are over, they can start automatically billing you and make it impossible to cancel. No, I received a LEGIT full access pass to see what it was all about. I was able to make my own decision and nobody was trying to aggressively up-sell me on anything. In fact, I had other members, who received no benefit whether I joined or not, constantly telling me how amazing the program was and how happy they were that they found it. Moreover, the same way I will say to you, if you want to remain a free member, do it! Do whatever you are most comfortable doing. http://focushereandnow.com/visit/bestonlinebusiness/

Look, I won't sit here and give you some long drawn out sales pitch with all of those incredibly persuasive words and images that we have all fallen for in the past. I will just tell you that this is LEGIT (http://focushereandnow.com/visit/bestonlinebusiness/). I have my own online business, I started profiting from it in less than a month, and continue to do things that simply wouldn't be possible otherwise. You get unlimited hosting of unlimited domains, clear and concise training, including video walk-throughs that are not filled with fluff and take 3 hours to watch, there is literally never a question I have had that hasn't been answered within an hour (usually minutes), I have complete control and access to every tool that I need in one place, and most importantly, I was able to develop my business around things that I KNOW and that I am passionate about. I wasn't asked to sign up for a monthly fee purely to provide advertising by promoting the products for the owners of the site. There weren't a bunch of complicated up-lines and down-lines or an elaborate blueprint to get referrals by harassing my friends and family. Sure, it is an option to promote the site, but you don't need to mention the program to anyone in order to make a dime. I choose to promote it from time to time because I KNOW how hard it is to find something REAL. I honestly didn't think it existed in any sort of practical way. They are incredibly transparent, honest, and don't try to milk you for every last penny.

The bottom line is that I am choosing to recommend them because quite frankly, I am blown away by it and so tired of reading some of the horror stories that I have about people signing up for programs that offer "personal coaching" for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month and get nowhere. I know what it is like to want it so bad, just need a little guidance and the right tools, but only find yourself being taken advantage of to line someone else's pocket. This doesn't really need a "sales pitch" because you can decide for yourself. Follow one of the links and sign up absolutely FREE, today. Please be sure to drop me a line on the other side to say hello and ask any questions that you may have. If you feel it is for you, great! If not, totally cool too. If you are on the fence, remain free for as long as you want! If you have been victim of "shiny object" syndrome, have fallen for every fancy sales page and pitch imaginable and just want to start a LEGIT online business without all the nonsense and up-sells, trust me, this is for you. I continue to be completely blown away every day because I am learning more every day and continuing to develop a successful online business. All the best and much success to you!

Sign up FREE Here and start a LEGIT, Successful Online Business Today! http://focushereandnow.com/visit/bestonlinebusiness/

11-19-2015, 11:24 PM
I suffer from shiny object syndrome myself. I have many courses, I bought, but I haven't found the time to even start, but I would scrap all of that for one good way to make money. Maybe this is it.

11-23-2015, 09:37 PM
Good review. Thanks for nice information :)

Malik Suleman
01-06-2016, 12:34 AM
great thanks for sharing your experience

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