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07-19-2005, 05:12 PM
My name is Casey and I am the owner of Photochops.net. I have immense experience with Adobe Photoshop and am happy to be able to put my knowledge to good use.

I specialize in services such as web design, logo design, banners, photo restoration, and Photochops. Perhaps you want to be shaking hands with your favorite movie star, or just want to play a practical joke on your friend, Photochops.net can make it happen.

My site was established in 2002. We take pride in our work and hope Photochops.net can become your first stop when looking for quality work at a reasonable price.

After finding out more information on the job, I will let you know how much it will cost.


02-27-2006, 02:00 AM
Dear Cassy,

I've visited your webiste. It's great, in my opinions.

I have recently designed a logo, could you give me your advise for them?

You can added my MSN: ra1687*hotmail.com.

Waiting for your goods news and thanks


Logo1 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185448.jpg
Logo2 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185449.jpg
Logo3 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185642.jpg
Logo4 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185545.jpg
Logo5 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185546.jpg
Logo6 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185620.jpg
Logo7 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185644.jpg
Logo9 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185748.jpg
Logo10 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,200602218580.jpg%20
Logo11 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185958.jpg
Logo12 http://images.blogcn.com/2006/2/21/5/bigmelon,2006022185958.jpg

10-27-2014, 04:08 AM
I also visited your site.You have done great job.Wish you all the very best for your work.