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07-26-2005, 10:52 AM
What you should know before having the professionals create your company logo design

There are so many online logo design companies making it difficult to choose which one will be the best for developing your professional logo design. How do you decide on your color preferences, the image to include in your design and its general format? This is where the custom logo design professionals come in. Before going to them, there are some facts you need to know first.

What is a PMS color?
The Pantone Matching System“, or simply PMS, is an international language for identifying printed colors. There are over 1,000 solid PMS colors, each using a set of fourteen standard base colors. Each color has a unique PMS number to identify it for all the different types of its reproduction.

When you select your company logo design colors, it is important to get these numbers. You will want your professional logo design included on all your company literature, and you will want it appear in the same color. This further provides the much needed uniformity to your business image.

If a graphic design firm or online logo design company is creating your professional logo design, they will have selected your PMS colors for you. They should provide them to you with the final purchase of your logo design. Professional printers rely heavily on your PMS color numbers to reproduce you image consistently on all your printed materials. Without them you could be in a significant bind.

How many colors should be used in your custom logo design?
Online logo design companies generally create logos with two PMS colors. There are several that will develop a full color logo. However, a four color logo can be a problem, especially for those businesses on a tight budget.

On screen, a full color custom logo design is maybe more impressive, but maintaining it will cost anywhere from four to six times as much in reproduction than a one color or two color design. Printers base their costs on the total number of colors. If you have a full color logo, you will always be paying for a full color print job, which is typically at least two to three times more, even on your stationery printing! If you transfer your full color logo to signage, you could be paying thousands more for those additional colors.

As a general rule, a custom logo design is cost-effective and generally can be created with appeal in two colors. For a more conservative look, a one color logo might prove to be preferable.

Can close registration be a problem?
Oftentimes custom logos are designed with colors that are close to one another or contain images with very fine definition. Generally, this is not problematic for reproduction, but in some cases it can present obstacles. Before choosing your online logo design company, check with them to make sure they are cognizant of the reproduction guidelines. Before you finalize your custom logo design, check with the printer you intend to use for your business printing to make sure the logo can be transferred without conflict.

Are there limitations on transferring logos to wearable materials?
Transferring custom logos to wearable materials can be tricky. Sometimes close registration can be a challenge. Before you begin with your custom logo design company, inform them of your intentions of transferring your logo. If you intend to use your logo on company signage, faxes and photocopies or wearable materials, you will want to make sure the professionals you hire understand all the pitfalls.

There can be quite a few problems if all your PMS colors are dark (or light). Once you merge these colors on a black and white photocopy, or an embroidered shirt, they might get lost and your logo can become almost entirely unrecognizable. In some cases, your logo design company can create two versions of your logo for multiple uses. (Check to make sure this is included in their initial package rate.)

There can be some major limitations on transferring your custom logo. Before your finalize your design, take it to your vendors to get their advice. Sometimes itís the safest way, and can save you money.

Does my logo design have to be in any particular file format?
This is perhaps the most important aspect of custom logo design. Yes, absolutely, your logo designís file format is key to all of its use. Professional printers, sign vendors, marketing item vendors and countless others need your logo in a professional design program. The most common include Illustrator, an EPS file, and Photoshop, a PSD file.

Illustrator is most popular, as it uses vector files allowing your image to be increased in a large enough size to be easily seen on a billboard or decreased enough to be seen on the side of a pen. Most of your online logo design companies will provide you with an EPS file, which in most cases contains all your PMS color numbers.

How should you proceed?
You will need to rely heavily on your professional logo design company to produce a logo that will fit with your business needs. Interview them before you begin. Professional logo design is a big step in your business development. Your decision on which company to select for your logo design should be made with great discretion. Interview the candidates extensively. If they wonít talk to you or canít answer your questions, my advice is - move on.

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