View Full Version : Debating the Start of a Night Club in my Home City.

07-28-2005, 07:22 PM
I live in a city of roughly 70k there is a street known as water street where all the bars are and is popular with the younger crowd. There are also 2 colleges in our town.

I am looking at starting up a 18+ night club that serves alcohol as well obviously 21 to drink since thats the legal age around here. We really have no establishments similar to this, and for those who want a real clubbing experience have to travel 2+ hours to get it.

This city is composed of a very young crowd, many of which are just starting college 18-20 range, and they offer nothing really for those people who fall into that category. So this is basically my foot in the door of starting my own club.

I won't be serving food there it will be liquor/beer/water only so won't have to worry about wait staff cooks and such, just have a bar. I am looking for a theme also to go with this bar, there is a bar called tropics which is 2 hours away that has the hawaiin/tropical theme so I am turned away from that Idea.

I have lots of research ahead of me, and plenty of time i am going to invest into this idea. I will be looking into renting a building since I'd like to know how it does before i actually would want to sit down and buy a building. Also obviously going to need a liquor license which i doubt is going to be much of an issue. I have a fair ammount of friends i can use as temporary staff before I really get into larger productions.

So I am going to have to break down costs here for the rent probably a few months in advance, music/dj equipment/speakers/lights/electronics, and obviously the bar/drinks is going to be a huge cost as well.

Any input ideas, comments, questions, concerns all will be very appreciated.

Thank you.

09-10-2005, 12:08 PM

I would consider doing some market research to see what others in the community think of the idea; the last thing you would want is to setup this amazing night club only to find the whole community complaining about noise.

Secondly, look at what the young folks would want in the night club which may help you reach out to some of the younger folks.

Ensure you have protection in the club as things can sometimes get out of hand; the last thing you want to be doing is promoting illegal substances and bringing the wrong crowd into the community.

If you need a website at any point to help you with the online presence side let me know :) I may be able to provide you with a low cost quote.