View Full Version : Looking for a daily accountability partner :)

09-20-2014, 02:34 PM

I'm a new member here. I recently left my job in investments to open a pet sitting business. I am currently participating in a business coaching program and one of my homeworks was to go out and find an accountability partner. I believe in structure so here is what I think:

1. We have a shared google document

2. Each of us writes our goals each AM/PM and we check in once per day (preferably early AM or late PM as early as 5AM or late as 9PM Eastern Standard Time).

If you're interested just send me a private message. Before we commit to each other, I say we have a 10 minute call to get to know each other and get right to business!

- I'm 23 years old (girl)
- I've been in business for just 1 month
- I'm very energetic and a huge book nerd
- I also speak Spanish