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10-06-2014, 01:49 PM
Warm greetings to all forum members,

We are looking for importers/Business Partners to sell following items in their country.

1)Indian Spices (Turmeric,Cardmom,Black Pepper,Indian Bay Leaf,Cinnamon etc.)
2)Dry Fruits
3)Chutney (Indian Sauce made with Fruits and Tangy spices).
4)Murabba (A kind of candy that is made with honey and fruits).

About Us

We are from a New-Delhi based company named Business Revitalizers.We work to bridge relationships of our overseas customers with Indian Manufacturers.


We understand and duly admire the concerns of our overseas customers.So,We as a company ,Undertake full responsibility for the genuinity and 100% satisfiable verification of our manufacturers and suppliers with which they are dealing.
We have ensured that our pricing quotes are always competitive and reasonable.
Whatever is being delivered,We work to strictly ensure that its quality is exactly as per specifications of International Standards.So that our customer need not have to worry regarding the quality of the delivered product.
We admire our customer's satisfaction and other concerns.So,It will be our obligation to send you free samples before you move ahead with us in further dealing.
We are eager to hear more questions from your side and we will love to answer as much you want us to reveal about us and the product.For this you can just drop us an email or call directly on the numbers mentioned below.

This is our first posting in this forum.But with this posting we are trying to establish our trust and positively looking to establish long lasting Business Relationships with our customers.

Gautam Bhalla

Technical Consultant-Business Proceses Management.

Business Revitalizers





05-13-2019, 01:40 AM
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