View Full Version : I want to sell a MLM distributorship

10-08-2005, 01:17 AM
I own a distributorship with a MLM company. It generates $11,000/month in residual income with many thousands of distributors under me. By residual, I mean that all you have to do is cash the check each month--you do not have to lift a finger if you do not want to. I have been with the business for five years, and there has been steady growth. The company is a $300 million health company that has been around for over 25 years

I am interested in selling the distributorship. Let me explain why:

1) I am NOT interested in selling because my check is starting to dwindle. My check this month was the highest ever, and it will continue to go up.
2) I am NOT interested in selling because I know something bad about the company or my downline. As far as I know, the company is stronger than it has ever been, and my downline is growing like mad. In fact, the two top recruiters in the company are in my downline on my first and second levels.
3) I am interested in selling because this distributorship is just a fraction of my business, and I want to hedge my bets a bit. Once in a while, it makes sense to take some money out of the business. In other words, I want to be rewarded for some of what I have built, but don't want to cash in everything yet.
4) I need money for other business interests.

I am asking $495,000 for the business. I have been offered $350,000 recently, but that is too low. $495,000 is 3.75 times net earnings which is average for a sale of a business. However, this is not just any business. It is a business where you literally never have to work. If you have a current job, you can buy this business, immediately quit your job, and make $130,000 year without ever doing anything. If you choose to work in the business, you can make literally anything you want to.

As far as terms, I have decided that I want $300,000 in cash, and am willing to float the rest over 3 years at 5% interest. That means that you would pay $5844/month for 36 months. The distributorship would be the only collateral for this loan, which should give you an indication of how solid I think the company is. Also, requiring only the distributorship as collateral means you would be free to use home equity, etc, for the $300,000. This is a great opportunity to be $5K/month cash flow positive right at the start.

For more details, please email me. I will gladly provide the name of the company, and they will release my commission history to you for review.