View Full Version : writing a letter of intent for a night club?

10-25-2005, 04:24 PM
hi, i'm starting a nightclub in my city and i need to write a letter of intent to the building commisioner. i know what the letter or intent is and what it's supposed to do but i'm completely in the dark about how long it is supposed to be, exactly what to address, any specific format, etc. any advice?

any advice i've been able to find online has been in regards to writing LOI's to banks and lenders. i have to write mine to the building commisioner so i can find out about zoning laws / what permits i am going to need.

also, i need to include floor plans. do these floor plans have to be architect-drawn (to scale, blueprint-style) plans or plans i can draw up that diagram the rooms / exits?

any help is deeply appreciated, thanks!