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10-26-2005, 05:04 AM
Hello all,

My company product is a package of 'a pc + printer + Internet subscription connection + maitenance contract + a 8/10 hours of free training", for Seniors, all taking place at the house of the client. It begins by sending him a salesperson and it ends by installing, configuring, training in his home.

Not too much money for big advertisement so I have few publicity:
The no1. Local newspaper = no return
One of a very good TV newspaper = no return
Tracts distributed in the box office of people = return only for 'maintenance'.
Contacts with Senior president associations = no return
Multemedia fair = very intersting return.

I concluded from those operations that when we meet people (Seniors) face to face, they show high interest in my product, agree for an appointement fast or get in touch with us after around one week, close the sale, while any other publicity type is of no return.

Apart from fairs (which are very expensive), I am trying to find new ways to be in touch with Seniors where human contact factors is very important.

Please advise.

Thank you

Jiu - France

11-09-2005, 11:41 PM
I suggest web advertising a very powerful and cost effective medium to get business, you should have an impressive website with ofcourse very attractive offers for your products as you listed in your message. You can even hire someone to optimize search engines like google.com and yahoo.com, so that your offers/product gets listed at the top positions...

Its really worth considering internet for low cost marketing with high returns for your kind of business...

11-11-2005, 10:56 PM
Dear fellow business owner,
It sound like you have an idea which targets the market of consumers who are unfamiliar with computers (ex. elderly- need training and need guidance with internet service). I don't know what your charging for the hands on, in home training, but that seems like it would make the purchase quite pricy @ $20-$30/ hr for professional time.

That aside (sorry for starting to go off subject) For an overall good reach of exposure look for a Yellow Book type medium (local phone book), and the key here is to have your company name start out with an "A". This is crucial, along with that your ad is larger that those aroung it. This has worked very well for me and my business. People who need a service go to the phone book. If thay are searching in the phone book, they have no previous choices for that service and will naturally start at the beginning of that particular section.

This will expand your overall sales, in all of your services offered (it is worth changing your name depending on how developed your business is). This being said, I think that your market segment of the senior citizens will be a little trickier. Seniors may first of all may not even realize that they need a computer (all the benefits that having a computer and internet can bring them), and second of all may not know where to look to get a computer package such as the one you are offering.

The best strategy for this particular market segment, with your limited budget, may be going door to door, or finding a group or club of elderly and presenting the need for your product and service to an entire group of consumers in this demographic. If the elderly is what you are seeking find them and get face-to-face with as many as possible. Do not waste your time and $$$$ on putting together a sophisticated website for the elderly, usually THEY DON"T HAVE COMPUTERS OR DON'T USE THEM TO SURF THE WEB!!!!!! THEY WILL NOT FIND YOU ON THE WEB!!!!!!!!.

It is crucial to understand who you are trying to reach. The old timers want and need personal interaction, they are not used to the web and usually only respond to human interaction. So it looks like a little old fashioned leg work is what's required here. Good luck and let me know how it works out.

Thank you,

06-19-2006, 09:08 PM
Please Please Please do not take either of these other bits of advice. No offense to the folks who offered it as what they've offered may verywell work for their business but I assure you you'll just be wasting more money if you do. Here's why.

Internet advertising - if your target customer is someone who doesn't have a computer or internet access, then how in the world would they see and respond to your ad.

Yellow Pages - While it's true that the only people who still use the yellowpages are the over 50 crowd (everyone else uses the internet) People use the yellowpages for services they know they already need. Plumbers, Locksmiths, Auto Repair, Bail Bondsmen, Criminal Attorneys Etc.

Based on what you've said, there's an educational component of your sales cycle that won't happen in the yellowpages... and for god's sake don't rename your business to be listed first in the phone book. to be honest that strategy is crap! Right handed people (the majority) flip through the phone book with their left hand, thus scanning it back to front (try it) still don't believe me, go to a restaurant or somewhere where the phone book might get used alot and notice the front of the book is curved up and to the left.

So what should you do? Unless you can give me some more specific information I can't tell you for sure, but like most of the people who ask advice here, you're really searching for a marketing solution and not necessarily an advertising solution.

Without knowing more information, I'd definately begin by joining some business networking groups. your local chamber of commerce, BNI (Business networking International) etc. these organizations are great for meeting other business owners and referring business opportunities to each other, as well as discussing strategies.

You mentioned you've advertised on tv. How long? TV advertising would make sense (if properly targeted). Most people find failure in television and radio when they don't continue their program long enough to be successfull. You really need to allot AT MINNIMUM 13 weeks of consistent advertising each and every week. This can be expensive if you pick the #1 rated show. Small businesses don't need the #1 station they need a station TV or Radio that has a "Sufficient" # of listeners/viewers in your target demographic. You're ad also has to speak directly to the needs of the customer you wish to attract. A good at will work quicker than an average or mediocre ad.

e-mail me with more info and i'll be happy to help you out.